THE OUTER SANCTUM podcast – Nicole Hayes

The Good Life was able to be a bit self-indulgent and chat about footie! Nicole Hayes has a high profile in the world of football, both of the male and female version and (alright, I confess to a touch of bias here!) is also a passionate Hawthorn supporter.

We have enjoyed her company on The Good Life previously when I have interviewed her about several books she has written with a football based theme and she is also a regular panellist on an ABC footie program / podcast, The Outer Sanctum, which is focussed on the women’s game. She now hosts workshops dedicated to encouraging new writers in which she offers coaching related to successful authorship. (For more information about these, contact ‘Australian Writers’ Centre’ website.)

Of course we chatted about Hawthorn and their season, while John Weeks (who wouldn’t know a football from a golf ball and is proud of it!) rolled his eyes and smirked a lot!

I do recommend Nicole Hayes’ books, and especially enjoyed The Whole Of My World, which is great for YA readers. (It always reminds me of the lyrics of Superstar, but with a happier ending.)

She spoke of her own girlhood years when she played and loved football until she reached an age where it was considered an ‘unsuitable sport’ for girls!
She has two daughters, neither of whom have evinced any interest in participating in footie!



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