I think I might have mentioned this book on Facebook and perhaps I have left it a little late to promote it now we are moving back to 'normal life", but it still provides a totally frivolous but highly entertaining read. I see author Ian Doors (a play on words?) lives in England, but the... Continue Reading →


A guest to my radio program The Good Life on 3MDR on the 17th of Feb 2020 was author J.P. (Josh) POMARE, whose recent book 'In The Clearing' I loved and in which I became totally involved. Set in Australia, it reverberates very strongly with those of us who have followed the story (well known... Continue Reading →

HELL SHIP – Michael Veitch

This is a fascinating book - especially for readers with Scottish heritage and an interest in our own historical background. Set in 1852, I found it particularly interesting as one side of my own family also arrived from Scotland that same year but under very different conditions.   Another element that makes this book so... Continue Reading →

WILD FIRE – Ann Cleeves

It is always exciting to find and really enjoy the writings of a "new" author.  Although this is 'technically' a crime novel, the crime itself is the catalyst for the powerful story of family life in a remote Shetland Island village, where infidelities are exposed and relationships are tested. The characters are all strongly depicted... Continue Reading →

THE LOST MAN – Jane Harper

This is an extraordinarily powerful book which captures the personalities of the human characters involved and, as we expect now from this author, introduces the vast and harsh Australian landscape as a character in its own right. In this story the landscape is a ruthless killer, with vast, barren distances and the occasional lonely grave... Continue Reading →

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