FAMILY, FOOD & FEELINGS by KATE BERRY  This is a book I really enjoyed and found to be full of interesting, honest and practical information.  Kate Berry is a sole parent and has two young daughters, who feature prominently right through the book. One is a young teenager, the other still in primary school. There... Continue Reading →


A guest to my radio program The Good Life on 3MDR on the 17th of Feb 2020 was author J.P. (Josh) POMARE, whose recent book 'In The Clearing' I loved and in which I became totally involved. Set in Australia, it reverberates very strongly with those of us who have followed the story (well known... Continue Reading →

EN POINTE BY Chloe Bayliss

In October author Chloe Bayliss an extremely multi-talented young woman named, who has written a very personal account of her medical problems in a memoir titled En Pointe. Ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher and now actor and author, she has survived an extreme medical condition which threatened to end her career and which took many months... Continue Reading →


I recently had Favel Parrett as a guest on my program "The Good Life" on 3MDR, and who has previously  written two very popular books and this latest offering, There Was Still Love,  will be equally well received, I feel certain.  I loved it and really enjoyed speaking with Favel. It is told through the... Continue Reading →

SILVER by Chris Hammer

One of my  favourite authors, and certainly one of my favourite guests for interview, is Chris Hammer, so I was delighted to speak with him about his latest brilliant offering titled SILVER.  This is based in the town about which he writes .. Port Silver. Again, as in his award winning best seller of last... Continue Reading →

HELL SHIP – Michael Veitch

This is a fascinating book - especially for readers with Scottish heritage and an interest in our own historical background. Set in 1852, I found it particularly interesting as one side of my own family also arrived from Scotland that same year but under very different conditions.   Another element that makes this book so... Continue Reading →

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