ACCIDENTAL DEATH? When things may not be as they seem – Robin Bowles

accidental death.jpg(CRIME OR ACCIDENT?)

I have had the pleasure of reading Robin’s books and of speaking with her on air on several occasions. Her subject usually is true crime, but in this latest book she writes about well publicised “accidents” which have resulted in deaths.

All these stories illustrate the upheaval caused in the lives of those involved, whatever the final outcome of the investigations.  Readers will be familiar with details of several of the deaths she explores, about which there has been considerable publicity.

These include the tragic story of the mother jailed in 2017 for the death of her children when she drove into a lake. We learn of the desperate situation she felt was facing her when she made this fatal decision and cannot help but feel sympathy for her.

We also read of the tragic death of cricketer Phillip Hughes when he collapses and dies after being struck by a savage ‘bouncer’ during a cricket match. A tragedy for his family and for the bowler responsible for that fatal ball.

Twenty Six Seconds is perhaps a less well known story, despite one of the drivers in this bizarre fatal road accident holding high office in his State.

Another, titled Killer Cop, covers the fatal ‘coward’s punch’ death inflicted on his wife’s lover by a jealous husband.  I found this a particularly tragic story with the obviously deep remorse felt by the young officer who had struck that fatal blow. There are children involved and one is left fatherless, the other with his father called a murderer.

As she always does, Robin explores all these tragedies with meticulous attention to detail and we intimately share the court trial scenes that follow.  It is fascinating to read of the verbal thrust and parry of the legal protagonists as Robin sits through the court proceedings.

Despite her relentless pursuit of legal issues involved, Robin never loses her compassion.  This comes through in every story and I look forward to speaking with her on The Good Life.

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Publisher: Penguin/Scribe


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