Busy MumAlthough it is quite a while since I was personally and professionally involved in weight loss and nutrition, I retain a very strong interest in this issue.

Because of this I always seek a review copy of a new book covering this topic and often find myself rolling my eyes and tossing the books aside.
Yet another “miracle solution” to the problem….. Sigh!

I had heard of the well patronised ‘HEALTHY MUM’ website hosted by Rhian Allen and was intrigued to see she had written a book titled The Busy Mum’s Guide to Weight Loss.

The cover of a review copy of the book depicted a range of interesting meals and a photo of the glowingly healthy author herself – the usual attractive bait to encourage hopeful readers. As you can tell, my approach was somewhat cynical…….
HOWEVER, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the content of this glossy book. Sensible, moderate, and even humorous at times, it offers a practical guide to weight loss and good health with nutritious and delicious recipes and an achievable exercise regime.

Rhian makes it as easy as possible with tips on getting started, setting goals and offering rewards, time saving and planning strategies, budgeting tips and shopping and pantry staples lists. All set out simply and explicitly.

There are treats permitted, occasional lapses forgiven, and little tips offered, such as substituting a very dark chocolate for the milk variety if you MUST indulge. (And I believe these small lapses and treats can prevent the sense of deprivation some dieters feel and which can lead to “binge eating” and the sense of failure that inevitably follows.)

(As a former food stylist, too, I must mention the excellent work of Vanessa Austin…her food styling makes the meals look totally delicious and inviting and I congratulate her.)

This is a practical, entertaining and very readable and enjoyable guide to weight loss and nutrition.. all packed into a 28 day regime!

Ann Creber
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