FLIGHT RISK – Michael McGuire

I'm not sure it was coincidental, but at almost the same time two books loosely related to the same incident were published, one fiction and the other covering an actual flight disappearance.   Michael McGuire is the author of a book title Flight Risk, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of the Guruda Flight No MH 370.... Continue Reading →

THE AGENCY – James Phelan

I should preface this review by admitting that this is a thriller genre I seldom read. However, I found myself in a situation without a book of my choice and as I had just collected this from my local Post Office, I started reading and found myself drawn into the sheer pace and action, plus... Continue Reading →

DON’T WAKE UP – Liz Lawler

This is an extraordinary story which kept me reading until I had finished the book! This is the debut novel of an English author who grew up in family of fourteen children, with everyone sharing items of clothing and scrambling for a place at the dinner table. The family lived in both England and Ireland... Continue Reading →

THE WHITELEY TRIAL – Gabriella Coslovich

Another book I am finding totally absorbing is THE WHITELEY TRIAL – an absolute thriller! I don’t really remember details of the very long court case – and its sequel – so I am reading avidly. The author, journalist Gabriella Coslovich, writes very subjectively, which I love, and we share her puzzlement, dismay, and personal... Continue Reading →

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