HAPPY AS – Lisa Portolan

In the studio I spoke with Lisa Portolan, author of a quite challenging book titled HAPPY AS, written by Lisa Portolan, offers the premise that we are actually being made miserable by our perpetual search for this elusive thing called 'happiness'! Lisa describes it in one chapter as " ...an indescribable emotion. Intangible. Ephemeral". I... Continue Reading →

THE BRIDGE – Enza Gandolfo

In the studio a studio interview on the 18th of June, my first guest, Enza Gandolfo, is the author of a book titled THE BRIDGE, with the historical background of a tragic incident many of us remember well.  (I remember it particularly vividly as my Dad had had a stroke the previous night and died... Continue Reading →

THE AGENCY – James Phelan

I should preface this review by admitting that this is a thriller genre I seldom read. However, I found myself in a situation without a book of my choice and as I had just collected this from my local Post Office, I started reading and found myself drawn into the sheer pace and action, plus... Continue Reading →

THE FALLEN – David Baldacci

According to the foreword in his latest book, David Baldacci has written almost 40 novels and is described as one of the world's best selling authors. With 130 million copies in print and his books translated into 45 different languages, his popularity could not be questioned! His novels feature a wide range of different principal... Continue Reading →


It is always interesting to approach a novel written by an unfamiliar author, especially if it is a debut novel, so I had no expectations about Robert Lukins’ The Everlasting Sunday. Set in the Winter of 1962 – England’s coldest winter since the mid-1600s – it is the story of a group of adolescent boys... Continue Reading →

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