THE LOST MAN – Jane Harper

This is an extraordinarily powerful book which captures the personalities of the human characters involved and, as we expect now from this author, introduces the vast and harsh Australian landscape as a character in its own right. In this story the landscape is a ruthless killer, with vast, barren distances and the occasional lonely grave... Continue Reading →

MOUNTAIN OF BOOKS FAIR, Ferny Creek Reserve, Hilton Road Sassafras Sat & Sun 4th Nov 2018

On The Good Life, it is unlikely you will not hear books mentioned at least once on every program! This week we spoke about Mountain of Books, the annual fair which will be held again at Ferny Creek Reserve during November. Meryll Williams is the owner of Rainy Day Books, a den of overwhelming temptation... Continue Reading →

SCRUBLANDS – Chris Hammer

When one of my most trusted publicist contacts assured me I would love Chris Hammer’s first novel, Scrublands, I accepted her offer of a review copy – and I am SO glad I did! After 30 years as a journalist and a long involvement with TV and radio, he has turned his hand to writing... Continue Reading →

STERN JUSTICE – Adam Wakeling

I LOVE my books, with a particular interest in crime novels. I have recently read Stern Justice by Adam Wakeling and this is a book which covers crime on a grand scale… the Japanese War Trials. This book is obviously the end product of an incredible amount of research and the bibliography covers about 15... Continue Reading →

THE DOCTOR’S DIET – Dr Sandro Demaio

I was really intrigued to receive both the Doctor's Diet and The Garden Apothecary: The Happy Gut for review within the same week. Not so long ago, a book related to health and nutrition would have depicted on the cover either a healthy and delicious meal or the photograph of an earnest, conservative, confidence-inducing nutritionist... Continue Reading →

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