Prey - L A LarkinThis gripping crime novel features an eye-catching cover, with the words ‘Four murders. One terrible secret.’ which gives a hint a hint of what to expect.

I am a great admirer of this author’s novels and eagerly await each new one.

Alas, there is usually a lengthy wait as Louisa Larkin is a meticulous researcher and goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy in her detail. For this novel, she travelled to South Africa to investigate the illegal animal trade, learned to use a rifle, how to patrol animal reserve fences and to identify wild animal droppings!

A previous novel took her to Iceland to ensure she was writing with authenticity!

This novel re-introduces us to investigative journalist Olivia Wolfe, a fearless woman who loves a challenge.

From the first chapter, this book is totally breathtaking. L.A. Larkin writes short, pithy chapters (unlike many more verbose authors) and keeps the storyline moving at a rapid pace.

This is a very dark story with extreme violence from so many ruthless and faceless people.

When the anonymous source of her latest story is killed, Wolfe sets out for South Africa to uncover the motivation which connects a series of murders.

Without anyone she knows she can trust, she is isolated as her would-be killer stalks her in an attempt to silence her and prevent exposure..

Despite the chilling threat of the ruthless killer, there is a tender but complex love story woven throughout the plot. The unexpected involvement of a former protagonist/lover creates further complications.

(The love scenes are as specific and intense as the torturous murder descriptions!)

We meet an abundance of characters throughout the book and, like Olivia, are unsure as to who can be trusted.

This is a really satisfying story, but we are left with a certainty that we have not heard the last of one of the principal characters and I have no doubt we will meet him again. .

Just be prepared for a lengthy wait while Louise does her in-depth research. I assure you it will be worth it…….

Publisher Clan Destine, Melbourne

Ann Creber
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