I think I might have mentioned this book on Facebook and perhaps I have left it a little late to promote it now we are moving back to ‘normal life”, but it still provides a totally frivolous but highly entertaining read.

I see author Ian Doors (a play on words?) lives in England, but the content is equally relevant here. This is a fun book, totally silly, and I don’t know how many people would actually participate in the diversions the author offers, but I enjoyed it immensely!

There are some slightly vulgar, great ‘colouring in’ options, lots of ‘join the dots’ illustrations, and ideas for ‘solo’ board games.  I loved one section devoted to listing one’s own 47 major failings with 47 spaces provided.

I can’t promise this little book will offer great intellectual stimulation, but it certainly is fun .. And we can all use of bit of that right now!

Ann Creber
The Good Life on 3MDR 97.1 FM
3.00-5.00 P.M. Monday (when we get back presenting live broadcasts)

Published in England by Trapeze, distributed here by Hachette


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