I read a great numbers of books, as I am sure you know, and it is always a delight to discover a new author whose work one really enjoys! This certainly applies to a book titled Maggie’s Going Nowhere, a first novel by Australian author Rose Hartley.

One has to disapprove of Maggie who is totally amoral, prone to picking u p strange men, frittering away her education by taking 10 years to complete a University degree which normally takes three years and living in a shabby old caravan with her cat! On the other hand, it is impossible not to be charmed by her and I loved her right from the start! However, in one very bad day it all falls apart .. She is dumped by her boyfriend, her mother disinherits her and her University education is terminated!

She does have an improbable friendship with a young woman who is a lawyer and who is about to be married, with Maggie as her bridesmaid and her pre-wedding party organiser. The problem here is that Maggie distrusts and dislikes the boyfriend.. It is mutual, and results in the friendship being fractured and Maggie “sacked” from her role in the wedding and it preparations,

In desperation, she seeks a job and finds paid employment in an op shop, where she meets a charming and appealing but somewhat distant man!

Enough of the story, I suggest you read it for yourself. I loved it and was pleased to be able to speak with Rose.

Now Rose too lives in a caravan and has a cat, but there the similarity ends. I asked her about a sequel, because we are left wondering just where Maggie’s relationship with Reuben (from the op shop) is going! Rose said she had had no intention of a sequel but the idea had begun to have some appeal, so I am hoping it becomes a reality and we can follow further the ups and down of the wilful but so lovable Maggie!




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