Lost But Found - Peter SharpAnyone who knows me or who listens to The Good Life will understand that I have a very great affection for dogs, so it was a wily publicist who sent me a copy of LOST but FOUND, knowing I would love it!  And I certainly did!

Author & photographer PETER SHARP, in conjunction with the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, has reduced a book of superb dog photos, with a thumbnail sketch of each dog and it history, followed by a chat with the new owners who adopted it, concluding with an “interview” with each dog!  It is totally charming and there is such a wide variety of breeds, shapes, sizes and personalities.

I must admit I was particularly charmed by a tiny chihuahua named Pablo and yes (I confess) I was influenced by the fact that my own beloved little rescue dog, pearl, is half chihuahua. It was obvious – and he admitted it – that Pablo had also won Peter’s heart and enjoyed more than his fair share of photos in the book.

Pablo obviously IS a charmer, because the volunteer who took him home to foster, fell totally in love with him and is now his adoptive “mother”!

Peter told us that although he originally wanted to be a vet he did not have the necessary academic qualifications, so chose to study for a Science degree instead.  However, after a year he was so bored he gave it up and became a photographer.  He began to specialise in photographing animals so, in a roundabout way, achieved his goal of working with animals!

He has photographed a wide variety of them, including even guinea pigs.. which could not have been easy with these busy little creatures!

He is hopeful of producing a similar book about cat so, so by buying THIS book cat lovers are helping ensure there will be a similar book dedicated to THEIR furry friends!

We had a long chat and it was a delight to “talk dogs”! This would be a gorgeous Christmas gift for any dog lover and, as Peter told us, proceeds from sales go to the animal shelter.


Published: Pan Macmillan Australia


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