EN POINTE BY Chloe Bayliss

En Pointe Cover Image

In October author Chloe Bayliss an extremely multi-talented young woman named, who has written a very personal account of her medical problems in a memoir titled En Pointe. Ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher and now actor and author, she has survived an extreme medical condition which threatened to end her career and which took many months to diagnose.

Already showing huge promise at the age of 16, Chloe was awarded a scholarship to study at a prestigious American ballet school, which promised the beginning of a successful career.  However, just before her departure from Australia she was stricken with a medical condition which doctors found extremely difficult to diagnose.

She was hospitalised and subjected to a vast range of tests and treatments, none of which gave satisfactory results.  She was in despair when a Dr. suggested she start keeping a journal and this seems to have given focus to her days.  She made detailed entries every day and it is these she has called on for the material in her book.

This a book where the family plays a hugely important role! Chloe’s parents, all four grandparents, and a perky little sister play significant roles in the book and in her hard times in hospital.

There is also a significant first “almost romance”, which provides both pleasure and pain and then later we share her meeting with her first real love.  This is a painfully honest book and I admire Chloe for sharing her life with us.

I really enjoyed speaking with her and will follow her career now as a choreographer, teacher,TV actor and author with great interest,  She provides a wonderful role model for any young girl going through a difficult time in her life!   The book is written for Young Adults but is a rewarding and inspiring read for any age group!

EN POINTE BY Chloe Bayliss …………………………..
published by Pantera Press https://www.panterapress.com.au/product/en-pointe/


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