FLIGHT RISK – Michael McGuire


I’m not sure it was coincidental, but at almost the same time two books loosely related to the same incident were published, one fiction and the other covering an actual flight disappearance.   Michael McGuire is the author of a book title Flight Risk, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of the Guruda Flight No MH 370.

The main character, who tells the story, is Ted Roberts, a very “Aussie” character who has had a career as a pilot, but has been disgraced and now works as an undercover agent for a secret organisation which investigates terror-related ioncidents. He lives with his personal regrets and sorrows, including the death of his wife in a car accident and the alienation of his daughter.

Without giving away too much of the plot, this is an absolute thriller and we spend hours in what appears to be a doomed aircraft with our character, a plane peopled with hundreds of dead passengers and a pilot with criminal intent. It kept me up until midnight and I am now anxiously awaiting the sequel that must follow!

During the course of the interview with Michael, he assured us that he already half-way through writing this sequel, so readers must wait patiently .. or impatiently!

An aviation journalist with several different publications, Michael calls on his own expert knowledge to maintain the nervous suspense we share as we read!

I was interested to see that the book has been published with two totally different covers (by the same publisher) and although I queried Michael, he did not know the reason for this!

If you enjoy a good thriller, I can’t recommend this book highly enough!


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