WILD FIRE – Ann Cleeves

It is always exciting to find and really enjoy the writings of a “new” author.  Although this is ‘technically’ a crime novel, the crime itself is the catalyst for the powerful story of family life in a remote Shetland Island village, where infidelities are exposed and relationships are tested.

The characters are all strongly depicted and we feel we know them .. at least superficially.

There are personal issues between the principal characters – both investigators and each carrying emotional pain from previous relationships. When circumstances bring them together again in this investigation, even more challenging issues are revealed and we share the reactions of each

Characters are strongly portrayed, with an interesting interpretation of a high-functioning autistic 11 year old boy, who plays a principal role.

This is a book which explores the life and social mores of an isolated Scottish island village, as well as offering an intriguing murder mystery in the claustrophobic environment of a community where everyone knows one another.

I believe there is also a TV series featuring the same location and characters, but as I have to read too many books to watch TV, I can’t speak about this program!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could perhaps even be tempted to return to some TV viewing!

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Ann Creber
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