9781925713190I must preface my comments by saying that I am certainly NOT an expert on our local political scene, so it would be presumptuous of me to attempt to analyse or even comment upon that of the USA. However, I found this book provided such thought-provoking material that I felt I should at least mention it.

I read it last year, but I am sure it would still be available in bookshops and libraries.

Perhaps there is some bias on the part of the author, but the facts he quotes provide interesting reading. For instance, in 2016 political scientists studied what prompted people to back Trump’s candidacy. They believed the authoritarian element in the Republic Party were drawn to him, others voted for him just to register a vote against Hillary Clinton, while others were influenced by racism.

The author does indicate his own opinion by stating that “Trump has proved himself incompetent at governing, but effective in galvanising authoritarian voters to support him.”

This provocative book will certainly raise the ire of supporters of Donald Trump, but I do urge anyone with a keen interest in politics to read it.

Allowing for the probable bias of the author, he offers so many specific quotes and references in the bibliography (66 pages, in fact!) that it is hard to ignore the basic validity of his claims.

As the unsettled world situation becomes more disturbing ever day, this book provides a fascinating, if alarming, read.

Ann Creber
Producer/Presenter of The Good Life (3MDR 97.1 FM,streaming on Live to air every Monday 3.00-5.00 P.M.



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