I am always a bit wary about reading a novel which is lauded and which arouses huge public enthusiasm, as this book has. Cynic that I am, I wonder how much of this can be attributed to excellent publicity.

However, although I had not requested it, when a copy of this debut novel arrived I started reading it…. and just stayed riveted to the page until I had finished it, in one night and a morning. Edit “THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW”

Full of twists and turns,it leads us down one pathway, only to divert us in a state of shock! It is written in very short chapters, with constant and entertaining references to classic movie thrillers and to the actors who appeared in them. (Great for old movie buffs!)

Our principal character, Anna, through whose eyes the story unfolds, is a woman who, separated from her husband and 11 year old daughter, has become agoraphobic, addicted to medical drugs and verging on alcoholism. It is 11 months since she has left her house but through her window and her camera she vicariously shares the lives of her neighbours and her basement tenant, David.

She receives an unexpected woman visitor, a neighbour, and they form a brief but significant relationship over bottles of merlot.

Then, watching through her window, she sees what she believes is a violent crime, which she reports to the police. They arrive and subject her to the ‘good cop/bad cop routine’, while trying to convince her that, because of her unstable psychological condition and dependence on medical drugs and alcohol, it is something she imagined.

Certain situations motivate her to leave the house despite her condition, she doesn’t cope, collapses and finds herself in hospital. The story escalates and we find ourselves drawn more and more deeply into her unenviable situation as unaccountable events occur, which serve to convince the police of her mental instability…….

I can’t give away too much of this devious plot, I can only recommend it as a thoroughly entertaining, very well written novel and I look forward to the film which is being made by Fox.

We are told very little about the author, not even gender, but I certainly hope this will not be his/her last novel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ann Creber
Producer/Presenter of The Good Life on 3MDR


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