Eastern Regional Libraries

erlOur Eastern Regional Libraries play a hugely important role in our community and offer a wide range of activities in their various locations. Not just books and reading, vital though they are, but a whole range of other cultural activities at their many venues. Check their website regularly to see what delights you might be missing!

For the second year they are challenging their members to read a minimum of
62 books before the 28th December 2018. Now my reaction to this is “ONLY 62?” but my radio program and book reviews column of course demand that I read considerably more. (This is the excuse I have waited for all my life.)

HOWEVER it is not quite as simple as it sounds! Within that 62 there are certain specific categories which must be read….and of course you need to register through the ERL website.

To give you just an idea of what will be expected of entrants, some of the categories listed include at least one of the following categories:

Self improvement
A romance with a billionaire
Science fiction
A character with a mental illness
A graphic novel
LBGTI novel
An audio book
Sports novel
A book written in the decade of your birth Previously unread children’s book (I love Kerry Dinte’s book about the Piggly Wiggly Guinea Pigs)
A post apocalyptic novel A book set in Asia A volume of poetry
A debut novel A novel written by an author from a country other than where you were born
A food memoir
A book set in Melbourne
A book set outside Australia
A book published before 1850

I phoned the Library today to get these details and I ran out space before I could quite finish scrawling the list. Phew! (I might have missed a couple!)

It does make me feel indulged that I can pick and choose which books I will read and which authors I will interview!

If you need assistance, pleased don’t hesitate to ask your knowledgeable and helpful librarian for her/his recommendations.



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