COOKING WITH KINDNESS – compiled Pam Ahern

Image resultThe first book we discussed on this week’s program is one titled Cooking With Kindness and features over 70 vegan recipes from a great number of restaurants! Not only is this a book featuring an excellent and delicious selection of well-tried recipes, but perhaps the best part is the knowledge that all profits go to an animal welfare group called Edgar’s Mission.

This wonderful institution was started by Pam Ahern, and was prompted by the arrival in her life of Edgar, a piglet who won the heart of everyone he met. Inspired by Edgar, there are now over 450 rescued farm animals living ‘the good life’ on Pam’s 150 acre property near Lancefield.

Of course, feeding these animals and caring for them is an expensive exercise and you can help by buying this book and also by making donations when you can.

Marieke Hardy, patron of Edgar’s Mission, carries a well known name in Melbourne’s theatre and literary world (grand-daughter of controversial author Frank Hardy and niece of equally controversial Mary Hardy,with whom I used to do a regular guest spot on her radio program). She speaks so proudly of her association with the group and was also involved in the creation of this book.

This book refutes the misconception that vegan food can be boring…it offers interesting food, beautifully presented, and would make the perfect Christmas gift for a vegan, vegetarian or animal loving friend!

For information as to how to obtain the book and other ways in which you can assist Edgar’s Mission please check their website <,au>

PAM AHERN of EDGAR’S MISSION – COOKING WITH KINDNESS (Over 70 vegan recipes from leading restaurants and chefs.) ………………………


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