THE ADVENTURES OF RUPERT AND THE MOP (Piggly-Wiggly Guinea-Pig Tales) – Kerry Dinte

Image result for THE ADVENTURES OF RUPERT AND THE MOPI “met” author KERRY DINTE on FB, when we discovered a mutual love for guinea pigs! She mentioned a children’s book she had written about these lovable little creatures and very kindly sent me a couple of signed copies. I found the ‘love story’ of these two little creatures, Rupert and The Mop, quite charming!

Beautifully but simply illustrated by an English artist, I was impressed too by the way in which Kerry wrote her book. The language is not “baby talk” and having this book read to a little person would certainly enhance their own vocabulary. It is titled THE ADVENTURES OF RUPERT AND THE MOP (Piggly-Wiggly Guinea-Pig Tales) and Kerry already has another much larger book ready for publication when she can find an illustrator. She feels her English illustrator, Tracey Humphreys, may be daunted by the thought of illustrating over 100 pages!

Alright, I admit I am probably slightly biased as a guinea pig lover myself (in fact, this book has inspired me to once again become an owner!) but I am sure it will have great appeal for so many littlies. Gorgeous Christmas stocking present, but you might have problems accessing it in bookshops. (I am hoping the Belgrave Book Barn might be persuaded to carry it!)

Kerry has copies available, so if you are interested please contact me ( and I will be delighted to pass on your enquiry to Kerry. I neglected to ask her the cost but will follow up on this ASAP!

THE ADVENTURES OF RUPERT AND THE MOP (Piggly-Wiggly Guinea-Pig Tales) – KERRY DINTE. …………………………


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