Clare CalvetI look forward to having Clare Calvert with us each month on The Good Life and this time our chat coincided with her birthday!

She had a busy few days, but diligently sent me through photos of a stack of books she has recently read and has in her bookshop Novella (Wahroongah NSW).

Those in her book pile included Dinosaur Atlas, How Animals Build (both for young people). The Choice, Sixty Seconds, Queen Victoria and Beersheba were among her other recommended reads.

Beersheeba tells of a battle episode during World War 1 and she very much enjoyed it.

Others she recommended include the New Roadshow Antiques book, Sagaland by Richard Fidler and Yummy Easy Quick recipes by Matt Preston.

It is always a great pleasure to have Clare with us and if you missed the program, you can listen via the 3MDR website.



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