Interval Weight LossFor many years I was heavily involved in the profession of weight control and became very much aware of just how tragic this can be for some who live with this problem.  There are ridiculous diets and programs which spring up regularly and which lead to false hopes, short-lived optimism and then collapse into disappointment and a sense of personal failure… yet again!

So it was with some reservations that I approached the Interval Weight Loss – a book by Dr. Nick Fuller.  He has a very impressive academic record in this field but I have become sceptical of some qualifications over the years.  Because of this, it was very refreshing and a pleasant surprise to read of his approach to this delicate and difficult problem.

I loved his banning of the word DIET….and applauded his moderate and sensible (and even enjoyable) approach to the subject.

He believes in an eating program which allows for falters, indulges and, above all, really enjoyable meals.  Five small meals a day with one day of “relaxed eating” each week, no foods totally banned but suggestions as to those which should be enjoyed in moderation.(Even a couple of glasses of wine!)

He advocates one month of following this mildly restrictive eating program, then a following month of allowing the body to adjust to this.  All this really makes good sense and confirms the opinions I formed working for about 7 years as the National Organiser for 130 Slimming Clubs.

One aspect of the book I loved was the selection of really delicious recipes he offers for each of the 5 small daily meals he advocates. Certainly no sense of deprivation there!

I really enjoying speak with Nick (always good when you are in total agreement with a guest!) and highly recommend this as a sensible, realistic and delicious weight control tool!



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