Just Another Week in Suburbia Cover ImageAs I’m sure you know by now, reading plays a huge role in my life and it is a delight when I discover a book and an author I can share with our listeners.  I knew nothing of Melbourne author Les Zig, but after reading his book Just Another Week in Suburbia I am a dedicated fan!

Les has a lengthy involvement in the literary world with a series of articles in Meanjin, similar magazines, and has a significant professional role in a small but well respected independent publishing house.  However, this is his first novel but one which I sincerely hope will not be his last!

This book, as the title suggests, covers the life and relationship of an average suburban couple.  Casper is a high school teacher, married for 7 years to Jane, whose work involves her in the world of art; they share the disappointment of a miscarriage, a mortgage, a beloved dog named Wallace, but enjoy a happy life together as they strive to conceive the baby they so want..

Until Jane handbag spills its contents…. and everything changes in an instant for Casper and for their marriage.

We enter into his life, his pain, his doubts,even into a potential relationship with a fellow teacher and the bubbling anger he is experiencing with an aggressive neighbour who hates Wallace.  (Les admitted to being a passionate dog lover… which of course further endeared him to me!)

We speak of ‘books we can’t put down’…..this for me was certainly one of those!  I LOVED it! I was pleased there was not a glib “true romance magazine happy ending” but one which was entirely satisfactory.

It was a great pleasure to speak with Les Zig and he explained that now he wants to explore in his writing the quirks and foibles and small pleasures of everyday life. This is a book I recommend very highly, and I can’t wait for his next!



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